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Senior Caregiver
I strongly believe that it is very important to know what the role of councilor means.  A Councillor represents the people of the ward that elected them for this position.  The Councillor must communicate with the residents of the ward to form consensus on issues.  The Councillor then will provide input and vote accordingly.  Currently in Ward 3 this is not working because the current councilor simply will not call residents back.  Communication has failed and the result is a Councillor that will make decisions based on personal opinions and agenda's and not represent the concerns of the residents of Ward 3.  If I am elected as councilor "I WILL CALL YOU BACK" and fix this issue.



Communication is one of the most important things that a County Councillor must be able to perform.   In such a digital world sometimes we forget that people are still people.  If a resident has an issue that they need resolved then they can contact the Ward Councillor to help resolve issues.  I have an open door policy which means that my door is always open and I am open to listen to concerns and issues.  

Good communication is established when both parties have receive good and clear instruction.  It may not always be the answer that someone is expecting, but it is important that issues and concerns are heard and that they are responded to within a timely manner. 


​Community support for local business; buy local if possible.  The County Administration should be asked if they spend County money within the County.  Buying  local and supporting local business should be a priority. 


To keep taxes and inflation in check it is key to ensure our Industrial Sector remains part of Strathcona County.   As a Councillor, I will support initiatives that support local business and industry.  I believe that future development, if done properly, will support the community and the residents.

I will listen to the residents of Ward 3 and put forward their concerns and vote for expansion and development likewise.

Resident Care

I will support programs that will help provide housing options for seniors and families. I will support building a new Seniors Hub. Creation of intelligent programs to offer affordable high speed internet to Seniors and families.

Ensure that County sponsored programs will benefit our community.  I want to look at programs that will give residents a great value for their tax dollars.  How about when you pay your property taxes your annual dog license fee is included in the price?  

Responsible Government

Accountability for spending tax dollars: are we getting value for our money. Put the interest of the County ahead of oneself.  Council makes awards each year to many non-profit programs.  These programs should support the community and bring back a positive result for our community.  I will vote to support programs that will better the community.

Councilors can also help with Responsible Government by working together making good decisions. Council needs to spend wisely, audit often and be frugal.   


I support the safety of all in the community.  Covid-19 issues have two sides.  We have the Vaxers vs Non-Vaxers we also have the Maskers vs the Non-Maskers.  As a councilor I believe that does not make you an Industrial Hygienist, Doctor or a Subject Matter Expert (SME).  I will avoid a personal agenda and I will follow the advice of the Medical Professionals and listen to the voices of the residents of Ward 3 and vote accordingly.  I will call you back and I will show up to community meeting to answer for my vote.